A Brief Sketch Of The Reason For Yellowing Of PVC Profiles

Here are some resons for why the PVC profiles yellowing,pls kindly have a check.

  1. The problem of titanium dioxide,rutile type titanium pigment is the basic materials of PVC profiles,if you use the sharp titanium type titanium pigment,the profiles will be yellowing with no doubt.And if you use the bad quality of the rutile type titanium pigment,the profiles coating will be prone to yellowing.So we kindly recommend you customers to use the good quality of rutile titanium dioxide.

  2. PVC material’s degradation,PVC produced by ethylene method is usually more stable than calcium carbide in processing,and the dosage of the heat stabilizer should not be too samll.

3. The quality of the CPE also affects the color of the product.We kindly recommend to use some famous brand, or the use of ACR impact modifier, although the price of ACR impact modifier is higher, you can adjust a reasonable formulation, which can be able to balance the cost and quality .

There are several reasons why PVC profiles are yellowed, and these are the most obvious.

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