Features And Application Scope Of UPVC Tube

The rigid polyvinyl chloride tube (UPVC tube) has the following characteristics.

①Chemical resistance is good, no rusting.

②Self-extinguishing and flame retardation.

③Good aging resistance can be used between -15 ~ 60C for 30 to 50 years.

④ performance is good, volume resistance 1 ~ 3 x1015 Ω cm, breakdown voltage of 23-28 kv/mm.

⑤The inner wall is smooth and the surface tension of the inner wall is small, it is difficult to form the scale, and the flow capacity is 43.7% higher than the cast iron pipe.

⑥It is easy to expand, stick and bend, and the installation work is only 1/2 the amount of steel pipe.

⑦The toughness of the UPVC tube is low, the linear expansion coefficient is large, and the temperature range is narrow.

The largest area of application for rigid polyvinyl chloride pipes is the construction industry, for example, 70% of UPVC tubes in the United States are used in the construction industry, and 25%of UPVC works as water supply pipes.

The large UPVC tube with D200 ~ D630mm has been successfully used in water supply engineering.

The UPVC pipe in China has been widely used in the water piping system and the domestic water pipe in Shenyang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian, Jinan and Harbin, but its proportion is very small.

At present, UPVC pipe is mainly used in China's construction industry for drainage pipes, rain water pipes and tube.

The benefits of application of rigid polyvinyl chloride tubes are obvious.

The production and using of UPVC drainpipe is 55 % ~ 68 % less energy than cast iron tube, and the energy consumption is only 18.3 % of cast iron pipe.

The production and use of UPVC water supply pipe is 62% ~ 75% less than galvanized pipe, and small-diameter plastic pipe is more energy efficient than large-caliber plastic pipe.

The price of the unit length of the same specification is only l / 2 of the galvanized pipe.

The installation cost is 70% lower than galvanized pipe.

The application of HUPVC drainpipe can replace 12t cast iron pipe, and the application of 1t PVC bellows can save 25t steel.

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